July 24, 1957 - Happy 57th birthday, Jack O’Callahan!

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*me horribly obnoxiously singing Amnesia*

"cause I’m rEaLlY not fine at allllllllll"


"Im not fine at all when you sing like that shut up"

At least she’s learning the lyrics


My mom is so mean to me

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So my brother and lemurs look really similar.


i feel you


i feel you

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beaunnett ❤️

beaunnett ❤️

So today…

There was a Pittsburgh hockey canvas print hanging next to the Philadelphia hockey canvas print in this store on the boards, so I took the Penguins one down, put it on the floor, and walked out. I was laughing a lot, I’m sorry. I thought it was kinda funny, no feelings were meant to be hurt by this.


My heart can’t handle a lilac haired Michael, I’m in a emotional state from the CD and I just can’t handle it.

I simply cannot.

most people are probably worrying about never meeting 5SOS or something and I’m sitting here worried about what color hair Michael Clifford is going to have when it’s time for my concert